Timeline for New features?

Any chance of an update on when we are likely to see the following new features? These are the “must haves” for me and not having them is really painful :slight_smile:

I can look at the roadmap, but that has no indication of timeline so be good to know if it is weeks; months; or years.

Ability to add/edit sub-categories for custom categories
Ability to add/edit sub-categories for the in-built categories

Manual Transactions
Ability to add manual transactions to manual accounts

Scheduled Payments
Ability to add one-off scheduled payments
Ability to amend the value of future scheduled payments
Confirmation prompt to confirm a scheduled payment has been made instead of just completing it automatically in the background.

Many thanks


Can anyone comment on this ?

Hi @Phil89a

Sorry for the late reply was on holiday last week. All this stuff is being worked on at the moment. Manual and Scheduled payments are going through more fine tuning. Sub-categories are currently out for some user feedback but there is likely going to need some more work once that is complete.

Sadly not got any estimates for you but they are all in active development at the moment.



OK thanks. I will assume “Months” then and hopefully not “Years” :grinning: