Tips for working from home

Like most of the UK, Money Dashboard team is exclusively working from home at the moment.

We shared these tips internally to approach remote working while staying productive and not too isolated.

Some people are used to Home Working and everyone is different, but it will be a totally new experience for many of you.

  1. Get changed out of your Pyjamas and have a clear desk space setup. Keeping out of your bedroom/bed when working is important when working from home, especially if it could be long term. Putting shoes on can also build a good mental wall between working and then relaxing when you are finished.

  2. Wake up more than 5 minutes before you are due to start, and make sure you take your breaks. Even if it is joining the hangout chat at lunch, but try and not do work while you eat.

  3. Create a schedule, not just for work. Utilize Google Calendar and timebox your day. Not doing household chores throughout your working day as it can easily blur the lines and not help your boundaries.

  4. Over communicate. Communicate more than you think you need too, especially to the people around you at home. Making sure people are aware of boundaries if you have people in your household also working. At work, checking in with your colleagues before you finish your day and making sure your next day is planned out.

  5. Get outside at some point. Even just standing outside for some fresh air, as stale air can have an effect on your productivity. It is also a good way to end your ‘Working day’ and works the same for before you start.
    Just 15 mins of walking can cut down the risk of feeling isolated.

  6. Testing what is right for your productivity. Some people find it easier to work in silence, while that can have the opposite effect on some people. Try things like the radio, music & podcast.


GitLab, a company which has been fully remote from Day One, is sharing its
tips to run an all remote workforce.

Key lesson: document everything and make it easy to share and search

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