Tips to manage a lockdown and isolation (if you are in prison, in a 300-year old cabin in the mountains, in space, and tips from your grandma)

I follow the podcast Ear Hustle, discussing life inside the American prison system.

The episodes are always very interesting and the latest one is a repeat about what happens during a lockdown in prison.

It is full of great stories, useful tips and you will gain a new perspective.

A British expat writing about life under lockdown in a 300-year old cabin in the Slovenian mountains

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The astronaut Scott Kelly is sharing its tips on isolation after spending a year in space.

The BBC is suggesting some good ideas to stay social online while in confinement.

I find that making sure there are some fresh flowers or plants around really help


Practicing kindness, compassion and understanding to yourself and those around you will go a long way!

A list of tips and strategies to help cope with anxiety and stress from the pandemic situation is included in the article:

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A great, uplifting, video with elderly sharing their top tips and advises to deal with the lockdown.

Always listen to your grandma!