Transactions not shown in Budgets

Why do I have transactions correctly mapped to categories when I look in the transactions view but then, can’t see the same transactions on the within budgets which contain those catagories? It’s throwing the balances out. I’ve been at setting up Neon for three days now and in between this and having catagories change their position every time I edit them (they drop to the bottom) I’m about to give up on it.

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Do you have the same accounts set in both views ? its possible to view Transactions say with all your accounts - but set overview with budgets to your your main current account only (for example ). So transactions against excluded accounts won’t hit your budget.

Hi Goofy - only 1 x account set up at the moment so that I can get everything set up, tested and working i.e. before I move away from MD Classic … so misaligned accounts shouldn’t be an issue. The transaction (reoccurring since Jan) is Igloo Energy … no gas prices / going bust jokes please … which is there in transactions (categorised as House Bills) but is not visible in the House Bills budget - which includes the House Bills category!!! . Interestingly, I can’t see it in scheduled payments either i.e, when I search for Igloo in scheduled payments (using the add scheduled payments function) it is not there … despite it showing up 9 x in the transactions (over several months obviously) in transactions as I said. I have the same issue with several other budgets where the transactions are correctly categories and, the categories are in the budget … MD Support AWOL :frowning:

Hi Ian - thank for the MD Support email - turned out that they were showing in the budget because they were reoccurring i.e. scheduled payments. The mental transition between Classic and Neon has been a challenge i.e. on the former, I would have seen both in the budget. Neon (still relatively slowly) starting to grow on me. Thanks again. Andy

I have exactly the same issue. I’ve tried everything but can’t get the categorised transaction to show in the budget. What was the solution?

I assumed that like MD classic … the budget I created would include both scheduled (Direct debits) spend and non scheduled spend. Neon works differently in that, you first set up bank accounts, then identify your scheduled / direct debits before finally, setting up your budgets. In other words, the budget is just for your non-scheduled spend. I’ll find the MD support email I got and copy it in next. TBH … I nearly gave up on Neon but I’m glad I persevered … it would just be handy to explain the difference to those users moving from Classic ie that budgets only contain unbudgeted / unscheduled spend

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IanT@MDB, Sep 24, 2021, 8:18 GMT+1:


Thanks for your email. From your description this sounds like expected behaviour. Items that have been set up as Scheduled Payments will not be included in budgets too to prevent double-counting with the Leftover figure. Scheduled payments are designed to track your regular fixed/non-discretionary/mandatory spend so ultimately if all your Bills are fixed then there shouldn’t need to be a budget for them too. However, it is also to be recognised that not all items that are designated as Bills are fixed or recur every month/cycle, so a separate Bills budget may need to be created too. But in doing this you would not set the budget amount to be the full amount of your Bills. Eg, say your monthly Bills total £900 but supposing the Bills already covered by your scheduled payments total £800, then you would only set a budget of £100 for the remaining Bills not accounted for by the scheduled payments, and not a budget for the full £900.

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Ian Turnbull


I’m struggling to make sense of this. I need to set a budget for various categories which includes my spending whether or not those are scheduled payments. From what you are saying then the app won’t let me do that? Being able to accurately track what I am spending out of a budget is the whole purpose of using the app.

For me the leftover figure is never accurate because I have my bank account and credit cards and it shows the credit card balances as if they are due now when in fact they are not.


I have checked through and noticed that in fact some scheduled payments do show as coming out of the relevant budget and some do not. Would be great to understand this, would a solution be to remove all scheduled payments?

To give you an example, I have a budget called “Motoring.” In it I have set an amount to cover for non direct / debit / scheduled outgoings i.e. what I pay for fuel is not scheduled but I do need to budget for it. I then have other expenses that are scheduled - such as the AA / RAC direct debit - which are also “categorised” as “Motoring” but aren’t in my Motoring Budget as they are scheduled payments. So putting some numbers on this, my Motoring “Budget” is £200 p.m. (fuel) but I also spend another £14 on AA / RAC. Both will be reported as “Motoring” when I look in the Overview / Spend summary. The way Neon works is (assuming have £0 in my account to start with) is to say "I know you spend £14 on AA / RAC thru scheduled payments and, you have put a budget together that says you will spend £200 on fuel … so your left over figure is -£214. I know where you’re coming from with your questions and it is an area I struggled with for a good week or so having moved from MD Classic. I think lots of people (and this is how I used Classic) just expect to create a budget for £214 and see this reduced by both the £200 for fuel AND the £14 for the AA but Neon starts with a) connecting your accounts first, b) identifying your scheduled payments and then c) establishing budgets for any other spend you have that is NOT scheduled. One suggestion I would make though is this … I manage our budgets via a single bank account i.e using the above example, I load it with £214 at the start of the month (which would then show £0 as left over) and the track against it. Probably herresy to suggest this on this community, buy maybe start with MD Classic as I think it will behave more in line with your (and previously ny) expectations of how a budget should work. That said, I’ve made the switch … good luck

Thank you for the explanation. I have now set up classic and it does exactly what I want.