When is the Next Release?

When is the next release due (we had comments end June/1st week July) as I really need Scheduled Payments to work better.


We’re working on it, but hit some stumbling blocks. Can’t give an exact ETA at the moment as still problem solving, but coming soon.


Understand - will keep my fingers crossed.

How are things progressing Iain? Do you need any more beta testers?

Hi Sean,

Progressing well. We’ve released the new scheduled payments service to new users.

It’s likely we’ll start to migrate existing users next week to the new scheduled payments service which will allow us to release the Planner tool. It’s worth noting that during the migration users old scheduled payments will be replaced by scheduled payments generated from the new service. These will be more accurate but on some occasions be different.

Hope this makes sense.


Please move me as soon as possible :grinning:

Hi Iain,

Thanks for the update. Happy to be involved in any beta testing needed!

Keep us posted! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Iain, any news on developments?

Hi Sean… will be a couple of weeks. I’ve ben told the end of September

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FWIW Iain, it would be great to get more regular communication from the team about releases and upcoming features eg. fortnightly or monthly blog posts. Do you have a Product Manager?

Hey everyone,

We’ve just posted a feature update thread over here:

We’d love to hear your feedback on it!