World-shattering event - How will your life change?

The Coronavirus restrictions have forced us all to live and work in different ways.
When the restrictions are eased, what will you be looking to change permanently in your life?

Work - will you be asking to work from home more? Less business travel and more video-conferencing?
Holidays - less foreign travel or will you be glad to get away again?
Fitness - return to the gym or is home-based fitness working well for you?
Food - more cooking at home or will you be happy to get back to restaurants?

Also Shopping - have you gotten used to home delivery for everything? Will you be less inclined to visit a physical shop when they open again?

Great questions @jamie.mcdonald. I am sharing my experience below

Work - Working from home is a positive experience. I would be more comfortable doing it in the future (even if I still prefer to my in the office with my colleagues, a proper desk and 2 screens).
Holidays - travelling is very important for me and I will continue to do so (and to pay for my travel insurance)
Fitness - the lack of fitness is terrible for me. I can’t wait to walk a lot again
Food - I normally mostly cook at home. I will be happy to eat out again but probably not immediately after the end of the lockdown until everything is fully settle down
Shopping - I buy a lot online, including getting my weekly grocery shopping delivered for years, and will continue to do so. But I will try to support local shops in my area when possible.